Back to the Rockets!!!

Gosh dang! I was fixing to do the jackboot-scootin’ boogie to nonstop Leni Riefenstahl action with some serious Krautrock. You know: “Do you not comprehend zee analects of Gurdjieff und Ouspensky? Vee haff no use for you"-style King Crimson pondering with an ugly methedrine aftertaste. But instead this sugar-coated tuneful big-wallop punk-pop from the Lookout Records school of annoying the neighbors with fast songs that are all in the same key came blasting out of the speakers. Nein, with opening lines like “A cockroach will live nine days without its head” ("Eye Hate Dog") and choice covers like “Asia no Junshin” (from the Japanese Pink Lady-style duo Puffy), this ain’t no compendium of blunt-damaged party noise that’ll put everybody in the kind of stupor you get when you and your buddies watch all the Police Academy movies in succession. Review, short version: Jawohl! Jawohl! Jawohl!