Dressy Bessy

The California EP

“More of the same” may best describe this latest release by the Denver-based pop band Dressy Bessy. And although that judgment may sound indifferent or negative, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a band that releases a great full-length album, one that truly leaves you wanting more, then delivers The California EP, a perfect second offering. With only five songs, California also serves as a primer for the next album, due out this summer. Here the band brings us five straightforward, fun, shiny pop songs. Each is as sweet as candy, but don’t worry if this style of pop is too soft for you. If you love simple, ‘60s-oriented jangly gems with a strong emphasis on melody, then it’s easy to get past the sugary coating and find catchy music to sing along to. The only problem with it is that, again, you are left wanting more. Hopefully the next album will be just as good—and just as addictive.