Fear Factory


The martial anthem “What Will Become?” sets the defiant mood on Digimortal, Fear Factory’s fourth album, as the L.A.-based band reloads clip after clip of its signature sonic assault: machine-gun riffs from guitarist Dino Cazares, double-bass jackhammering from drummer Raymond Herrera and pulsing grooves from bassist Christian Olde Wolbers tear into your speakers, then an eerie digital voice declares, "We’re coming for you" at the beginning of "Damaged," leaving a chilling impression. Electronic tones and effects, added by Front Line Assembly industrial guru Rhys Fulber, underscore the album’s heavy mechanical vibe. Frontman Burton C. Bell’s powerfully aggressive vocals resonate on such songs as "No One" and "Hurt Conveyor," and haunting melodies add depth on "Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)" and "(Memory Imprints) Never End." By "Strain vs. Resistance," you’ll be fully programmed into Fear Factory thought: You can resist the strain.