Get stoned, sustainably

Just you and Mother Nature.

Just you and Mother Nature.

Is organic marijuana better than regular herb?

Is organic better than regular? Come on! Organic is the way of the future. You cut out the middle men (in this case, pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful chemicals) so you and Mother Nature can really get on the level.

But since you asked why organic herb is better, I decided to, uh, reacquaint myself with it. I give advice. I’ve got to back it up with hard evidence. And ever since President Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth revolutionized my whole perspective on life, and then Michael Moore’s documentary Sicko spoke the pure and unbiased truth, I’ve been too busy saving the world one community forum at a time. I lost touch with mother herb.

So I went to Canada to score some fine British Columbian organic green—for research purposes. I love Canada, man. They’ve got university … err, universal health fare … I mean, health care. I mean … whoa, I never noticed how beautiful my fingernails are. Man, mine are so shiny. Like polished stoned. I mean, stones. Whew!

Shit, I’m sorry. What was your question again?