Get political

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at

I hear the Legislature is working on some new marijuana laws. What’s the deal?

—Will Ng-Lerner

Yup. About a week and a half ago, Gov. Jerry Brown released a “trailer bill” filled with proposed changes to both the AUMA and the MCRSA in an attempt to reconcile conflicting provisions. Overall, I think that most of the ideas are pretty good. The bill as proposed goes a long way toward helping smaller growers (at least for the next five years), but doesn’t really address delivery services or social clubs.

And it looks like this bill would try to phase out the medical marijuana program, which would be a shame and a travesty. In our hurry to make money, let’s not forget to take care of our less fortunate citizens. Fortunately, this bill is just a starting point in the negotiations. It’s gonna be a minute before anything gets passed, so you still have a chance to look at the proposed bill and talk to your representatives and let them know how you feel.

My county just passed a moratorium on cannabis businesses. What the entire eff, man? Is this what I voted for? How do I get them to see the light?

—John Q. Dublic

Marijuana prohibition is dumb. Marijuana prohibitionists are willfully ignorant. There is no reason for any city or county in California to prevent cannabis businesses at this stage in the game. Cannabis means jobs. Good jobs. And not just jobs for growers and sellers. Accountants, marketing firms, lawyers, construction workers, ad agencies, packaging companies, I could go on. All kinds of jobs are created by the cannabis industry. Not to mention that the AUMA states that any city or county prohibiting cannabis business gets no cut of the billions in tax revenue that pot is gonna generate. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. So your county supervisors are either mean, ignorant or fiscally irresponsible. Maybe a combination of all three.

I would suggest that you run for office. I’m not kidding. Most county supervisors never face any serious competition, so they often think they can ignore the will of the people. This has to change.

Get your ganjaprenuer homies off the couch and into the government. Circulate a petition. Get all your friends to go to the next Board of Supervisors meeting and tell them to get it together. Contact the Drug Policy Alliance and tell them you wanna change the drug laws in your county. They may be able to help. Talk to the Chamber of Commerce and let them know how cannabis can help all businesses, especially those in the restaurant industry. (Kidding.)

Seriously, though, you have to show them that weed is a winner, and that those who aren’t on board with the new paradigm will soon be looking for work. Have fun!

How do you feel about these THC and CBD infused “cough syrups”?


I think it’s weird, but I would rather folks drink THC lean than actual lean, so: harm reduction?