Rated 1.0

A satellite network set up to control global weather starts going haywire, sending freezing winds through Afghan deserts, hundred-foot tidal waves into Dubai, and Volkswagen-sized hailstones down onto Tokyo, and just about everything else on a CGI-geek’s wish list. Only one man can fix things, the prickly genius who designed the system (Gerard Butler)—but he’s checked out of the business since being fired by his bureaucrat brother (Jim Sturgess). The script by Paul Guyot and first-time director Dean Devlin putters around with leftover parts from disaster movies that were badly written in the first place, stranding a decent cast (Abbie Cornish, Andy Garcia, Ed Harris, Mare Winningham, Richard Schiff) with nothing to do but try to get a word in edgewise between some of the cheesiest effects in years.