All I See is You

Rated 3.0

Genre journeyman Marc Forster (World War Z) directs this moody and impressionistic psychodrama about a blind woman re-evaluating her life after receiving surgery to help her see again. Blinded by a childhood car accident that killed both her parents, Blake Lively’s Gina largely depends on her husband James (Jason Clarke), a doting but dull accountant working out of Bangkok. When corrective surgery slowly restores her sight, a less dependent Gina starts growing dissatisfied with the world she sees and begins to question her life with James. Meanwhile, an increasingly emasculated James, fearing that Gina has lost interest, begins to undermine her treatment. Rather than the pulp thriller you might expect, Forster and screenwriter Sean Conway leave the film on a low, sexy simmer, and the attempts to show us the world that the blind Gina sees are quite creative. Only an absurd finale keeps the film from being fully recommendable.