Geddy Lee

My Favorite Headache


I awoke the other morning to a shrill, piercing sound emanating from what I thought was an outside source—but it turned out to be the inside of my own head, followed by a if-my-nuts-haven’t-dropped-by-now-they-never-will voice informing me that “we are the priests of the Temple of Syrinx.” I usually enjoy a good flashback, but this case was an exception. I’ve tried my hardest to forget the Ayn Rand-influenced warblings of Rush’s 2112, and until the release of bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee’s My Favorite Headache, I’d been successful. So what of this latest solo offering? Well, Geddy’s still exploring a vocal range where no man has gone before—and no man has followed since. And despite the absence of Rush-mate Neil Peart, Geddy seems pretty intent on telling us how to live instead of showing us a story. The final diagnosis? Definitely not my favorite headache, but it’s nothing a few bongloads can’t cure.