Gear today, gone tomorrow

What’s with people stealing band gear this summer? First it was guitarist Aron Scott dodging a bullet as he was robbed June 3 of two of his axes and an amp (Cosmo Garvin’s “Rockers vs. robbers,” June 21).

The latest victim—in an unrelated incident—is venerable electronica artist Dusty Brown, who was burglarized of $2,700 of customized equipment from his parked car over the weekend of July 7-8.

“None of the stuff is sellable,” Brown said Monday. “If [the thief]'s lucky, he’ll get $400 for it.”

Brown had a gig that fateful Saturday night at the Capitol Garage on K and 15th streets. He believes that after parking his car next to the ticket booth in the next-door garage—which is near popular night spots Bistro 33 Midtown and the Park UltraLounge—his gear was pilfered sometime between 1:30 and 7 a.m. Sunday.

The loss of a customized black Gator case containing his laptop, Mackie mixer, M-Audio sound card and a MIDI knob box forced Brown to cancel his remaining shows this summer. “If you’re stealing from a musician, you’re stealing from the poor and the struggling,” he said dejectedly, although he was quick to add he’s received much love from the community. “I don’t feel burned by Sac,” he said, grateful.

Brown is selling b-sides from his forthcoming album to raise money for the stolen gear; check out his Web site, If you have any tips on the burglary, contact Brown at <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> </script> or via