Bowling for dollars

SN&R contributor Joel Davis was awarded one of the top prizes in the 2006 U.S. Bowler Writing Competition announced last week. In addition to the honor, Davis knocked down a perfect 300—as in bucks, not pins.

The first-place award in the opinion category was for Davis’ piece “Pin me down” (SN&R Essay, November 30, 2006), which took a humorous look at bowling with senior citizens. Davis, who has early-onset Parkinson’s disease and frequently writes about his experience with the illness, turned his quirky sense of humor loose on the lanes, ending with the hope that “every shot sails out of my trembling hands with renewed hope that every darn one of those pins will fall down before I do.”

This was the 55th annual media-awards program sponsored by U.S. Bowler, the official publication of the United States Bowling Congress.