Ganja gals

Two upcoming films—including one with by a local director—spotlight ladies with a green thumb

Director Windy Borman, in the thick of filming the documentary Mary Janes: The Women of Weed.

Director Windy Borman, in the thick of filming the documentary Mary Janes: The Women of Weed.

“We’ve found the opportunity to create the first billion dollar sector that’s not dominated by men,” says one of the dozens of women interviewed in award-winning producer/director Windy Borman’s new film Mary Janes: The Women of Weed. It’s an in depth look at the women involved in the cannabis industry. Borman talks to women all over the country, from Grammy winner and cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge to long time Oregon-based cannabis activist Madeline Martinez, about the past, present and future of cannabis. Along the way, she learns about the history of the plant, its many uses, and how the war on drugs has affected thousands of lives. This screening is also the launch of a new monthly event called The Eden Gathering. Event producer Mindy Galloway says the Eden Gathering is aimed at “Empowerment and mentorship for heart-centered leaders. We are all inclusive, support diversity and we plan to lift everybody up.”

The screening takes place Saturday May 26th at The Crest Theatre. The activities start at 4:20 p.m. (surprise) and will feature more than just the film. There will also be an art exhibition and an opportunity for attendees to network with Sacramento cannabis business owners/ For more information, check out and

Speaking of women and weed, local director/producer Ozola Cody is currently working on a new film. According to Ms. Cody, the film (entitled AUMA’s Story) “Follows the lives of three black women: A cannabis farmer, an ex-con and a civil rights leader. Their lives intertwine in a cannabis infused tale of injustice and redemption.” She goes on to say: “In making this film, I hope to widen the narrow lens in which black women are viewed in the cannabis industry, in addition, to creating a platform for the women in the film to be heard.” Production has already started, and she hopes to finish the film this year. You can find a snippet on YouTube and can help her with funding (She estimates that this film will cost about $15,000 to produce) by following the link in the comments page.

The age-old proverb still rings true: Weed and movies go together like weed and movies.