Fujita, I need ya

Fujita Roll, Fujita Sushi

You know those sushi joints that overuse a handful of the same ingredients, throw some tempura inside and call it good? That is not Fujita Sushi, a new sushi spot that boasts a small menu with a big personality, offering items like the ceviche roll. The Fujita Roll ($14) is one of the most popular, with salmon, avocado, seared toro, shallot-jalapeño vinaigrette and tempura shallots. It didn’t quite blow my hair back like it did for some folks on Yelp, but it was light and delicate and the vinaigrette and tempura shallots were delicious. The generous helping of hot garlic edemame ($4) was the MVP of my meal, but no doubt there are plenty of gems on this menu. 1976 Fulton Avenue, www.facebook.com/fujitasushi.