Fucked Up

Hidden World

Sometimes the rock ’n’ roll gods bestow upon us mere mortals a thunderclap of music. It can be an entire album, like Apocalypse Dudes by Turbonegro, or just a piece of a song, like the “woo woo” part of the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil.” The end effect of this music from heaven is always the same: The spirit of rock takes over our bodies, making our heads nod and our faces get all bitter. Fucked Up apparently received some of this divine inspiration and channeled it into an album of jagged, hardcore post-punk. Hidden World is an angry, fast and amazingly listenable blur; 72 epic minutes blow by in no time at all. While they’re definitely not religious, listening to Fucked Up is a lot like attending a revival meeting with an irate cabbie behind the pulpit. Can I get a witness?