Fri., Sept. 20, Terraplane Sun

Ace of Spades, 7 p.m., $7

While “Get Me Golden” may seem like the typical ubiquitous flavor-of-the-moment alt-pop song, Terraplane Sun has more to offer than the usual radio-ready sound. This Southern California quintet—vocalist and guitarist Ben Rothbard, guitarist Johnny Zambetti, bassist Cecil Campanaro, keyboardist Gabe Feenberg, and drummer Lyle Riddle—pushes genre boundaries, using instrumentation outside typical rock-pop selections (harmonica, mandolin, trombone, lap steel) to add depth and texture. It pays off, with an upbeat folk-pop sound tempered by a solid blues-funk undercurrent. The music is infectious without being annoying, which might be why it's showing up on soundtracks, including the theme for A&E's Relapse. 1417 R Street,