Fri., May 31, Adrian Bourgeois

Shine, 8 p.m., $5

photo by caitlin bellah

This could be your last opportunity to catch local singer-songwriter Adrian Bourgeois for a while. After Friday's show, he's making the trek down to Los Angeles, where he'll hopefully woo a music-industry bigwig into taking his already brilliant '60s AM-radio-inspired songwriting and getting it into more eardrums. While a lot of singer-songwriters are busy mixing folk and melodrama, Bourgeois writes pleasant, Beatles-esque melodies with a toe-tapping bounce and an Elliott Smith vulnerability. His dreamy, observational lyrics are both innocent and mature, tangible, yet filled with wonder. He'll be back at some point—on tour, no doubt. But by then, he'll probably have some fancy L.A. hairdo. 1400 E Street,