Fri, July 1, Favors

Cesar Chavez Plaza, 5 p.m., no cover

Cesar Chavez Plaza

10th And J Streets
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 529-5299

Retracing the music career of local musician David Mohr is like going to your 10-year high-school reunion: It’s nostalgic, yet it seems too early to decide how everything has turned out. Mohr’s first band, Didley Squat, was a very popular high-school band that played Of Montrealesque dance tunes with new-wave twist, at one point opening for Silversun Pickups. Then came 20,000, Mohr’s duet project with then-girlfriend Meg Larkin. The music slowed down and became more electronic. Following their breakup, like a cliché phoenix, Favors rose to form a danceable, experimental electronica sound with a dash of synth-pop. 910 I Street,