Illustration by Mark Stivers

If you already use Instagram, but only to browse photos using the hashtag “foodporn,” here’s a relatively new social-networking app for you: SnapDish. The Japanese-made app—which is a free download at the Google Play store or Apple’s App Store—debuted in 2011, but is just now becoming increasingly popular around the world. It’s full of food photos and can integrate with other social networks and micro-blogging sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Like Instagram, users can follow friends to keep up with their pictures. But where it surpasses other food apps (I’m thinking of you, Yelp) is its feature that allows users to search for recipes, track calories and edit photos. One drawback might be that because it’s so popular in other countries, many of the comments are in foreign languages. But this adds a certain amount of intrigue and a sense that you’re getting a larger variety of dishes. For more information, visit www.snapdi.sh.