Food Stuff

Illustration By Mark Stivers

ABC Bakery

1309 Florin Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95831
Ste. F

(916) 421-4259

There’s nothing fancy about ABC Bakery. Indeed, it’s a little dingy, tucked into the back of a shopping center, with all but empty trays in its glass case. It nevertheless draws people from all over for bow, Chinese buns filled with meat or a sweet filling. There are also cookies and those egg-custard tarts you see at dim-sum places, but people go for the bow, which I first experienced when a friend of a friend brought them to a social gathering. For just 80 cents, the guy behind the counter gives you a round little roll from a tray in a big warming oven—the secret behind the empty case. As I left, I realized that I’d joined a legion of pilgrims: “Hey, you another one of those bow people?” called out a guy standing nearby. “Yep,” I answered happily, brandishing my white paper sack holding a warm pork bun. 1309 Florin Road, Suite F; (916) 421-4259.