Food Stuff

Illustration By Marianne Mancina

My go-to snack is cheese and crackers, and though I am happy enough with an old-school Triscuit, sometimes something a little more recherche is required. That’s when I shell out for Starr Ridge crackers, which are crunchy, toasty little cheese-delivery vehicles. They’re made in small batches with olive oil (not a trans fat in sight) and have tiny bursts of kosher salt on their dimpled tops. They come in flavors like red onion-pistachio, though I like the basic olive oil best. Imagine my delight to find the same company now makes pecan shortbread, graham crackers and other sweet treats. The crumbly-crisp, wheaty cinnamon grahams put Honey Maid in the shade. With a cup of tea—or, I presume, with a cold glass of milk for kids (whom I wouldn’t let anywhere near my stash)—they make a grown-up snack good enough to displace cheese and crackers from my repertoire, at least temporarily. Available at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op and at