Flavor Flav

The yogurt craze has hit Sacramento hard; and nowhere more so than at Mochii (1530 16th Street). I asked owner Mark Otero about new flavors he’s developing—and ones his customers have requested:

“We’re experimenting with passion fruit and a flavor called sangria—a mix of Watsonville strawberries and blackberries. It’s time consuming finding the balance between sweet and the tang in our yogurt.

“We recently had someone request Japanese red sweet beans with shaved ice on top of the yogurt—I thought that was a pretty weird combination. We did make a tub of the red bean, but we [only] had one or two people order it over a week.

“One lady requested that we put Nutella inside the mochi balls—we did do that, and it was a huge success. We sold over 120 pieces. We called it ‘KissMe’ and did it for Valentine’s Day.

“One customer asked for durian—he’s one of our regulars and usually orders mochi. I wasn’t sure if he was kidding or serious, but I had to take it as serious because he wasn’t laughing. Definitely there will be no durian here at Mochii Yogurt.”