Film Clip: Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Rated 4.0

A 30-year-old stoner/slacker (Jason Segel) ventures out of his mother’s basement on an errand, but quickly gets sidetracked on a search for a mysterious “Kevin,” a name he feels sure came to him as a sign from the universe. Before the day is through, his quest will involve his mother (Susan Sarandon), brother (Ed Helms, in the kind of part he plays so well), sister-in-law (Judy Greer)—and yes, several Kevins. The writing-directing team of brothers Jay and Mark Duplass have a way of making movies that hardly seem written or directed at all, just earnestly improvised and captured on the fly. This one galumphs along from one episode to the next with a somehow lovable sense of ramshackle inevitability toward a sweet and extremely satisfying conclusion. Rae Dawn Chong tags along as Sarandon’s co-worker. J.L.