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Off to the farm.

Off to the farm.

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Down cows, Wal-Mart, GMO products, antibiotic-laden corn meals for cows, E. coli spinach, Monsanto—if you’re mindful of what you eat, then you’re likely familiar to all the talking points in the new film Food, Inc. But the documentary—touted as the An Inconvenient Truth for eats—puts all the pieces together into one under-two-hour, sixth-grade-science-class indictment of the American diet. Particularly compelling is a sequence exposing the mafialike shakedown tactics Monsanto employed when dealing with rogue Bible Belt farmers. The Pesticide Watch Education Fund will sponsor a screening of the film Friday, July 3, with SN&R’s very own contributing food writer Ann Martin Rolke as one of four panel guests who will share their thoughts and solutions to the country’s seemingly hopeless food-industry problems. You’ll want to eat before the screening; stick to veggies and fruits, trust me.