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Say, what are you lads up to? Must be the mysteries of <span style=Boy Culture!">

Say, what are you lads up to? Must be the mysteries of Boy Culture!

The complex symbiosis of sexuality and sense of self: Movies know it so well! For proof, see the 15th annual Sacramento International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, October 12 through 15 at the Crest Theatre, 1013 K Street. Even if you only go because you can’t not see a 23-minute S&M musical comedy called Who’s The Top? Do stay for the others, though. You wouldn’t want to miss the world premiere of Kings of Drag, about Uptown Studios’ own Tina Reynolds and her fashion-forward performance troupe, would you?

These shorts are just for starters; the whole bill is well-stocked with commitment-phobes, bigotry busters, friends with benefits, hot and bothered hustlers, sperm stealers, marriage-equality marchers, broken-family members—us, in other words. The sheer variety shows how far this fest has come in a decade-and-a-half and how much more than earnest, undercooked coming-out melodramas today’s queer-themed flicks have to offer. Tickets cost $9 each, and full festival passes cost $45. For more information, visit www.siglff.org.