Exquisite Corps + LowBrau + Ruhstaller on Sunday, Feb. 24

LowBrau, 7 p.m., no cover

Beer and music don't really go together. At all. So it's a miracle of Zeus, Allah and Jah proportions that the top minds over at LowBrau decided to put on a night of local music and brew for Sacramento Beer Week. Goddamn impressive. What's next, reuniting Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski? Anyway, this Sunday's party features the debut of LowBrau and Ruhstaller Beer's collaboration, Exquisite Kolsch—a “California kölsch,” which is some kind of West Coast spin on the gently hopped, pale-colored, light-bodied traditional German brew. It tastes like David Lee Roth meets Heidi Klum, or so I'm told. Add in some Exquisite Corps (pictured), and what you have is an exquisite evening. 1050 20th Street, www.lowbrausacramento.com.