Exit Afghanistan for real

Last week’s horrific bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, by U.S.-led NATO forces is a reminder that the war in that country, now 14 years in the making, goes on despite major troop withdrawals. Bombs, drones, U.S. and international forces—they’re all there.

Twenty-two DWB staffers, doctors and patients (including three children) died in the bombing. Neither the U.S. or Afghani governments has issued a satisfying explanation. We worry that casual targeting of civilians is status quo in military operations in that country and elsewhere. That there is no excuse. And that this was not a mistake.

The United States and NATO still have more than 13,000 troops in Afghanistan, including nearly 10,000 Americans. We’re still there, we’re still bombing and sending out drones. And it should stop.