Rated 1.0 The writers who adapted Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat take feeble stabs at overseas culture and crude juvenile humor in a sort of stale European version of Roadtrip. High-school graduate Scott (Scott Mechlowicz) mistakes his German girl pen-pal (pop star Jessica Böhrs) for a boy. He realizes his mistake after sending off an offensive e-mail and then spends the rest of the film snaking through the continent with three friends in search of the foxy fraulein. The trek from London to Amsterdam and through Eastern Europe (with Prague sets used for most of the locales) exposes us to numerous bared breasts, sex in a confessional, middle-aged male frontal nudity, mimes, soccer hooligans and a train passenger who gropes his fellow travelers in tunnels. Jeff Schaffer directs, with Matt Damon making a brief but smashing appearance as a punk-band’s frontman.