Escanaba in Da Moonlight

Rated 4.0

We dubbed this backwoods comedy “the fart play” when B Street staged it in 1996. Now it’s back for the third time because subscribers, who know what to expect, keep asking. Edifying it ain’t. But we’ll admit, we laughed hard when actor Greg Alexander (as “The Jimmer”) pointed his backside and let rip. For the benefit of the uninitiated: It’s about blue-collar deer hunters in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, boasting about who’s seen the biggest buck. They guzzle beer, sip a disgusting good-luck potion and nearly fall apart when a ranger from the dreaded Department of Natural Resources drops by. Diversions include flying saucers and Native American mumbo jumbo à la Hollywood. It’s just the thing to put weary adults in touch with their inner adolescent.
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