Enter Sandman

The Sandman: Overture

Twenty-five years ago, no one knew who the hell Neil Gaiman was; he was just the guy hired by Vertigo to restart the long-shelved Sandman series. What followed was nothing less than the rejuvenation of comic books, as he reimagined a superhero into the mythic energy of a being that existed before the gods arrived.

Dream of the Endless, also known as Morpheus, shares his dominion with his siblings: Destiny, Death, Desire, Destruction, Delirium and Despair. This mythological connection is evident in this deluxe edition of The Sandman: Overture (Vertigo, $24.99); which is a prequel to the events that began the series.

In addition to the story, this edition includes rare artwork and interviews with the creators—but more than anything, it's a glorious look at graphic novel history.