Rated 2.0 This Death Wish-meets-Sleeping With the Enemy thriller from director Michael Apted (Gorillas in the Mist, Thunderheart) is packed with tension and plot twists. It also loses all credibility and much of its redeeming social value well before Jennifer Lopez takes a crash course in Zen-like hand-to-hand combat, straps on a pair of steel-toed boots and literally begins kicking butt. Panic’s female victim and empowerment theme gets a vigilante twist with Lopez playing a sweet-hearted waitress named Slim who marries, has a daughter with and is then abused by a filthy-rich, womanizing contractor (Billy Campbell from TV’s Once and Again). We sense the man is not the Prince Charming we have been led to believe when he refuses to share a shower with Slim and know he is really, really rotten well before he psychotically stalks her across the country. The film itself sort of has that same downhill slide.