England’s rose

When Princess Diana died tragically following a high-speed car chase, people around the globe were shocked and saddened. Many traveled to the princess’s London home to mourn her loss. Sir Elton John was inspired to rewrite “Candle In the Wind,” a song originally penned in remembrance of Marilyn Monroe. Local author and columnist Susan Maxwell Skinner, who spent several years as a member of the royal press corps, was devastated when she heard the news. “It took me months to accept that we’d never see Diana again, and I still dream about her,” Skinner explained in a recent e-mail. This Saturday, Skinner, author of three prominent books on the princess, including Diana, Memory of a Rose, will talk about the princess’s extraordinary life. The free event also will feature Skinner’s collection of Princess Diana dolls and souvenirs, which will be on display through January 31. The event starts at 2 p.m. at the Arcade Community Library, located at 2443 Marconi Avenue. Visit www.susanmaxwellskinner.com for more information.