Employee of the Month

Rated 1.0

At a warehouse retail store, a slacker box boy (Dane Cook) and a hotshot cashier (Dax Shepard) compete for the honor of being employee of the month, figuring it will get them into bed with their sexy new co-worker (Jessica Simpson). The salient feature of the script (by Don Calame, Chris Conroy and director Greg Coolidge) is the cretinous level of its nitwitticisms—e.g., having two brothers named “Glen Gary” and “Glen Ross” (um, boys: In English-speaking countries, brothers usually have the same last name). Cook is scruffy and bleary-eyed, though not unappealing; on the other hand, we already have a Johnny Knoxville, thank you very much. Meanwhile, Simpson sashays through her part rolling her eyes, as if in disbelief at her surroundings. As well she might—even she deserves better than this.