Eight Gigs: Yolo Mambo

Fri., June 12, 8 p.m., Palms Playhouse, $15

Yolo Mambo celebrates its fifth year together, but its members have solid musical roots dating to the mid 1960s. Welsh-born Phil Summers has influences spanning Irish music and Latin jazz. Carla Campbell's Cuban and West African drumming is the group's heartbeat. Yolo Mambo's third album, Twist of Fate, drops at this show. “Your Life,” “Feeling Good” and “Caterpillar” feature a light pop sound, yet are still grounded in this quartet's unique world-fusion style where Brazilian sounds, Gaelic jigs, Spanish flamenco and French reverie meet Etta James. Whether Catherine LeBlanc sings in English, one of two French dialects, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Maori or even Gaelic, the music is solid, sultry and sometimes haunting. 13 Main Street, www.yolomambo.com.