Eight Gigs: Tree Village

Mon., May 25, 7 p.m., Off Center Stage, $8-$10

Most likely the name “Tree Village” is a reference to the group being out of Grass Valley. Style-wise, the group is tougher to figure out. It plays a genre that is prog rock meets metal meets math rock. It's packed with a ton of technical chops, shredding licks, constantly shifting grooves and thoroughly epic guitar leads. The quartet, which used to be instrumental-only but has now added vocals, formed in 2011. Each of TV's songs feels more like a journey than anything resembling pop music. The sections can be driving, triumphant, spaced-out or emotional—though usually all of those are in one tune. The Strive and Chris Glass also perform. 315 Richardson Street in Grass Valley, www.facebook.com/treevillageband.