Eight Gigs: Battle Hag

Sat., May 23, 8 p.m., Starlite Lounge, $10

The malevolent spirits comprising Battle Hag just finished up a five-song, self-titled demo CD in March recorded by doom metal band (waning)'s Jim Willig. Battle Hag invokes the sludge and doom aspects of metal, but also summons shamanic metal nuances with its thunderous, long-form songs that seep into crowds and wrap listeners into a trance-like state. This summer, Battle Hag is also set to perform at Festum Carnis 2015, an out-in-the-woods, three-day metal festival in Wilseyville, Calif. with more than 40 bands, including Sacto's Black Majik Acid. Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Serial Hawk and Needs will also perform at this show at Starlite. 1517 21st Street, www.facebook.com/battlehag.