Eight Gigs: Tomten

Thurs., May 7, 9 p.m., Sophia’s Thai Kitchen, $5

The Pacific Northwest is buzzing over Tomten, a still decently under-the-radar trio based in Seattle. With serious praise from public radio station KEXP, expect the band to move past playing cheap shows on small restaurant patios in the future. And obviously, act now. Tomten's brand of baroque pop is playful and charming, arranged on dreamy organ, analogue synth and fuzzy guitar. You hear the '60s Britpop influence, as well as singer-keyboardist Brian Noyeswatkins' upbringing in sunny, ocean-breezed Carmel. Airy sweetness gets a little more psychedelic heft with Tomten's latest work, along with achingly beautiful strings. Don't miss opener the Lower 48, an indie pop band from Portland. 129 E Street, Suite E in Davis, www.facebook.com/TomtenMusic.