Eight Gigs: The Strange Party

Thu., Oct. 15, Crest Theatre, 7 p.m., $8-$10

Not sure if the Strange Party is a “seriousband,” but seeing them in the Crest Theatre lobby before a screening of Poltergeist will be serious pre-Halloween fun. The band has a garage/King Tuff vibe that will play nice with the smell of buttered popcorn. And then there's Poltergeist, which I re-watched this summer, and it (kind of) holds up. Craig T. Nelson in “Oh snap, my kid disappeared in the TV” frantic mode, so classic. Until the corny tag-on ending with dead people coming out of the ground. And the heavy-handed anti-suburbia message. Not that I'm pro-Roseville. Just gotta hate where you're from, right? 1013 K Street, http://thestrangeparty.bandcamp.com.