Eight Gigs: The Howl

Sun., Jan. 4, 8:30 p.m., The Colony, $7

One of Chicago's most ambitious young acts, the Howl embarked on a tour the day after Christmas that extends into January. One listen to the band's magnificent new-ish “Sputter” single should make fans of angular, post-punk and rock smile with glee. The quartet's first EP, 2012's 900 Feet Beneath, started a buzz strong enough to warrant a full-fledged tour and now the band is making the rounds again. If you're a fan of anthemic, harmony-driven fare with wavering time signatures and peaks and valleys, there is no reason this Sunday's show should be missed. Also on the bill are Mad Judy, Soccer Babes and Simpl3jack. 3512 Stockton Boulevard, www.facebook.com/thehowlchicago.