Eight Gigs: Terry Hanck

Fri., Feb. 13, 9 p.m., Torch Club, $10

Like Ron Swanson's Duke Silver alter-ego on Parks and Recreation, Terry Hanck looks like the embodiment of 1980s “cool.” But instead of an awesome mustache, Hanck rocks a full goatee, and, well, he's actually a good saxophone player. Mirroring his facial hair, Hanck's tone on the sax is also way fuller than Silver's—with all the emotive growl, vibrato and edge needed to play blues. Hanck, who's recently been getting a lot of love from the Blues Music Awards with a number of nominations and wins, also puts down the horn and sings during shows. It's basically the perfect Valentine's Day-eve date to let your significant other know that you're serious. 904 15th Street, www.terryhanck.net.