Eight gigs: Shawn Thwaites Rebel Quartet

Thu., Aug. 18, 5:30 p.m., Crocker Art Museum, $10-$17

Nicolas Gutierrez

What gives Shawn Thwaites Rebel Quartet its unique, eclectic sound? Is it the weaving of hip-hop, calypso, Afro-beat, funk and R&B into contemporary jazz? Well, yes, but it’s also the steelpan, an underused instrument with roots in Trinidad and Tobago. Steel drummer Thwaites is Trinidadian-American and proudly incorporates his ancestry into his distinct brand of jazz. His band is actually quite a bit larger than a quartet, with drums, piano, bass, trumpet and saxophone, but his steelpan comes through as the focal point. 216 O Street, http://strq.tv.