Eight Gigs: Rx Bandits

Sun., Sept. 25, 6:30 p.m., Ace of Spades, $22.50-$25

The current incarnation of the Rx Bandits is nearly unrecognizable compared to the band that formed in 1995, back when it was an Orange County ska band à la Reel Big Fish and Save Ferris. The band didn’t stick around long in the ska-core genre, bending its sound to incorporate prog-metal, emo and post-hardcore. Eventually, the band lost the horn section and continued even further down the genre-tinkering rabbit hole. 2009’s Mandala was supposed to be its final album, and it actually comes off a little confused. The band got back together to release 2014’s crowd-funded Gemini, Her Majesty, which sounds much fresher. 1417 R Street, www.facebook.com/