Eight Gigs: Hubris

Mon., May 25, 7:25 p.m., The Colony, $8

This Memorial Day show takes place after you've likely returned from multiple hours of cursing in hellish traffic. Hubris is a black-metal band from Buffalo, New York, that released a ferocious self-titled album in 2012. It has a new album on the way but will be touring the states to bring nauseating riffs to the ears of any willing participants. Like any good East Coast black-metal band, the band members' true identities are hidden by nearly unpronounceable names like Hellskald, Melkorpse, Lichfiend and Deragore. This all-ages soiree features Murrum, Valley of Thorns, Cataclysmic Assault and Electrocuted By The Third Rail. 3512 Stockton Boulevard, www.facebook.com/thetruehubris.