Eight Gigs: Holy Komodo

Sat., Oct. 17, 7 p.m., Third Space Art Collective, $5

On its last album, Foxygen dug through the ashes of '70s soft rock, lounge and B-grade psychedelic space rock to expand the boundaries of its psych-pop sound. The band also expanded into a whopping nine-piece touring unit. Two of those new members, Nina Joly and Justin Nijssen, happened to have their own group called Holy Komodo, based out of Olympia. They pull from a lot of the same influences as Foxygen 2.0. But where Foxygen took these sounds and made chaos out of them, Holy Komodo creates gentle, laid-back, spacey grooves, with an offbeat post-punk edge. 946 Olive Drive in Davis, www.facebook.com/holykomodo.