Eight Gigs: Goat Torment

Sat., Oct. 17, 8 p.m., The Colony, $10

Everybody may be getting all excited about the evolution of black metal, with stuff like the blackened shoegaze of Deafheaven slipping into the mainstream. Let's take this moment to remember that the olden kvlt ways never die. Coming fresh off California Deathfest, Goat Torment, from Ghent, Belgium, will bring the blasphemy as it tours with a new album, Sermons to Death, a record full of the undying blast beats, shredding guitars and low-fi pandemonium you crave. Just check these song titles: “Hierarchy of Negligence,” “Abusing the Weak” and “Satanic Necrolust.” Hails. 3522 Stockton Boulevard, www.facebook.com/Goattorment.