Eight Gigs: DLRN

Sun., Nov. 15, 5 p.m., LowBrau, free

DLRN quietly released its official debut full-length Neon Noir (Deluxe) in September. Rapper Sean LaMarr said the duo wasn't going to bother with a record release party because of its unfortunate timing with TBD Fest. Though this particular event is technically celebrating the 200th issue of Submerge Magazine, it's also your chance to celebrate Neon Noir (Deluxe) with LaMarr and beats master Jon Reyes. Despite being stocked with songs familiar to DLRN fans, Neon Noir (Deluxe) sounds super-fresh, with dynamic lyricism and booming, synthy soundscapes. Plus, it includes two badass tracks featuring the soulful crooning of Stevie Nader. 1050 20st Street, www.dlrn.co.