Eight Gigs: Chicano Batman

Sun., Jan. 24, 8 p.m., Harlow’s Restaurant & NightClub, $12.50-$15

Chicano Batman leads its fans back to the roots of music with its blend of cumbia, ’60s tropicalia, samba, psych, funk and even lush moments of slow-jam soul. Besides its multigenre reputation, this Los Angeles-based quartet also encompasses a variety of rhythms, styles and cultures into its musical stash. In its fourth album, Cycles of Existential Rhyme, Chicano Batman rides the waves of surf rock, cruises through moments of Latin origins and fuses all 14 tracks smoothly between what feels like more changes than a James Brown showcase. They’re certainly known to dress the part too. 2708 J Street, www.chicanobatman.com.