Eight Gigs: Atriarch

Sat., Dec. 19, Starlite Lounge, 8 p.m., $10

Death rock, doom, black metal, sludge—if it's brooding and misanthropic, it's probably present at any given Atriarch show. Touring with the black-metal leaning Wolvhammer, the shamanic Atriarch may be the only band I've ever seen pull off the whole burning-sage-during-a-set thing without looking utterly silly. This will be the second time the band brings its entrancing take on bleak and consciousness-altering heavy music to Sacramento since releasing its latest record, 2014's excellent An Unending Pathway. Plus, a new local band, Worship of Keres, will make its first live appearance as the opener. 1517 21st Street, https://atriarch.bandcamp.com.