Eat and run

Do you run? Terri Gilliland, co-owner of Lucca and Roxy—an avid runner who heads up the restaurants’ race teams—offers advice on eating for going the distance:

“Runners need to consider nutrition: before, after and, with runs lasting more than an hour, during races. Every runner is different in what they can eat before—the consistent information is to limit fiber and fat and focus on carbs.

“I know some runners who don’t eat a thing and always do just great, and others who can eat whatever they want. I eat easily digestible carbs, like toast and a banana, before a long run. If running less than 10 miles, I eat my normal breakfast: coffee with cream, a peanut-butter sandwich and fruit. During runs of more than 10 miles, I take GU [Energy] Gels.

“There’s more focus these days on eating post-race. A combination of carbs and protein is best for muscle recovery. Three meals I would suggest after are: French toast and a protein smoothie, pasta with chicken, a healthy Cobb salad. We serve those as race-season specials at Lucca and Roxy.”