Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist: Season 1

Paramount Home Video

Years before everybody loved Ray Romano and Dave Attell couldn’t get a wink of sleep, they shared a therapist’s couch opposite Dr. Katz. Comedy Central premiered this easily recognizable show—the animation style, Squigglevision, juxtaposes a sparse, gray background with brightly lit and constantly jiggling characters—in 1995, but its comic timing remains dead on. Dr. Katz provides therapy to an eclectic range of stand-up comedians and then returns to his personal life, where the therapy continues among his barfly friends and his unemployed, 20-something live-in son. The DVD only contains the first six episodes, but that’s excusable on account of its low price. Dr. Katz provides the perfect comedic therapy for our lives: He reminds us that it could be worse; we could be his patients.