Rated 1.0

In April 2008, a killer virus wipes out 99-plus percent of the population of Scotland, forcing the rest of Great Britain to quarantine the country with a modern high-tech version of Hadrian’s Wall. Writer-director Neil Marshall’s movie takes place in 2035, when the virus has cropped up in London and the prospect of possible survivors behind the wall sends a one-eyed guerrilla babe (Rhona Mitra) on a mission to find a possible cure. The synopsis probably makes the movie sound more interesting and sensible than it is. It’s just the umpteenth killer-virus movie of the last few years, with bits of 28 Days Later, Resident Evil, Mad Max, Knightriders and too many others to mention, all thrown together and edited by Cuisinart. Bob Hoskins and Malcolm McDowell dignify with their presence, but not enough.