Rated 2.0

This actually isn’t as bad as it could have been. That’s not high praise, but some decent action sequences and a funny-campy performance by The Rock make this movie almost worth recommending. Based on the popular video game, the plot involves some nonsense about a lab where things have gone mightily wrong, and a group of Marines must come to the rescue. They arrive to discover that the super-monsters running around in the corridors have rather disturbing origins. The Rock adds a touch of camp to his performance that would’ve worked better if the cast around him were in on the joke. He’s good, but the rest of the cast stinks. The film’s highlight is its finale, where we see monsters dispatched as if we were playing the video game. Sure, the same effect can be achieved by actually playing the game, but a movie ticket costs nine bucks, and a PlayStation costs a couple hundred. A gory film that earns its R rating.